Another Reason I Don’t Live in D.C.

I’ll preface this entry with the update from the article. What the Councilman proposes is – unsurprisingly – not lawful. Maybe that’ll change, maybe not. It should count as an extra strike against the councilman, regardless.

So, the proposal:

Council member Jim Graham (D-Ward 1) introduced a resolution today to rename Girard Park in Columbia Heights “Barack Hussein Obama Park.”

The recent renovated park, located at 14th Street and Girard, features a basketball court and play equipment.

“The park is a jewel,” Graham said. “I think the overwhelming point of view that has been expressed is that park should be renamed in honor of our president.”

How many of the idiots who propose (and support) such nonsense complained when Republicans demanded that every structure within the Washington, DC metro area be renamed to honor Reagan when he died? At least those lunatics had the ability to understand that waiting until the man died was necessary. Here, we’re just mythologizing the man with the most influence over ongoing policy. That’s dangerous.

To mock it appropriately, let’s start a Barack Obama Facts meme. I’m not connected to the Internets right now, since President Obama hasn’t gotten around to my right to universal broadband yet, so I can’t check that it doesn’t yet exist. I’m sure it does. Whatever. Here’s my entry:

Barack Obama can visit your park without leaving the White House.

That may not be a joke, so let’s have a care with small-r republicanism, please.

Via DCist.