6 thoughts on “Four More Wins Needed, 2009 Edition”

  1. I was pacing aroud during the top of th 8th. So who do you want as an opponent and do you have a prediction?

  2. I’ve actually been very calm throughout the playoffs. I just expect to win.
    I think it’s Yankees, obviously, although I’d rather play the Angels because listening to the announcers will be easier. Regardless, we’re going to get dumped on and disrespected by analysts. Whatever. On the field is all that matters.
    Phillies in 6. Lee named MVP.

  3. They weren’t hiding it. It was so bad, I stopped listening to the broadcasts. Of the 45 innings played, I saw all of them but heard maybe 15. That total was skewed heavily by the first game, since I hadn’t become disgusted with them at that point.
    In fairness, I like Ron Darling. I think he was hampered by Chip Caray and Buck Martinez. Those two were the problem.

  4. I don’t know if you saw it toward the end of the game. Someone in the stands was holding a sign that said something like:
    We hate:
    1. AJ (one of the Announcers I believe)
    2. Santa Clause. (Philly booing Santa.)

  5. Lee looked good last night, cool as a cucumber. I am expecting the Yankees to take the game tonight though. Fingers crossed. 🙂

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