Adam Wainwright Is Wrong

A fan ran onto the field during last night’s Phillies-Cardinals game, one night after a fan was tased for doing so. The volume of comments supporting the police officer’s use of the Taser on Monday night were appalling. The pre-emptive defense of deploying it again was inevitable. From Cardinals starting pitcher Adam Wainwright (emphasis added):

“That was tired, that was bad. You know what? The Phillies fans should be mad at that guy because he might’ve gotten in the way of Cole’s mojo he had going. That’s terrible timing. And if you don’t want to get Tased, don’t go on the field. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting Tased if you’re on the field.

I’ll assume Wainwright isn’t aware that the Taser can be lethal, and that lethal force is never justified for trespassing. If I don’t assume that, I’ll think even less of him than I do after reading his obvious ignorance from that quote.

One thought on “Adam Wainwright Is Wrong”

  1. The second guy got off easy and he’s lucky the Phils still won the game. If they had lost, it would have been perceived to be due to that disruption and the fans would be out for blood. I wouldn’t have ben surprised to have seen the Phanatic dragging him up and down Broad Street with his quad stopping to allow he occassional beating. Go Phils. 🙂

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