If only to get something in this space…

Today, it’s been 7 years since I started this site. I haven’t abandoned it, despite appearances to the contrary.

2 thoughts on “If only to get something in this space…”

  1. “Joe”,
    I shouldn’t feed trollish comments. Since you’re working from an untrue assumption, it might be worth the effort to show your error.
    I have zero focus here on “boy penis”. My theme is individual liberty and choice. Circumcision as applied in the United States violates those in almost every case. If a male wishes to have himself circumcised, I do not care. But it should not be imposed based on the subjective, irrelevant, and often stupid preferences of his parents.
    However, if I am to take your statement as a valid interpretation of my writing, I still am not the one with an “intense focus on boy penis”. Those who wish to circumcise (i.e. mutilate) healthy children who do not need surgery are the ones who have an “intense focus on boy penis”. They are the people who wish – often demand – intervention on the child’s body for their own reasons. Parents who circumcise because they like the appearance of a circumcised penis, for example, have an “intense focus on boy penis” since they believe it should look differently than it does naturally. They claim to know how his body should be and how he will want it, so they surgically alter him.
    I do not claim anything so bold because I understand that each individual is different. Some men claim to be happy about being circumcised as children. I suspect they aren’t considering all facts, but so be it. I am not interested in forcing people to consider and apply all facts to themselves. But their subset of facts are evil when forced on another. If a man does not want to be circumcised, he should retain his choice to reject circumcision.
    To extend your assumption further, in the posts where I’ve written against the genital mutilation of female minors, did I exhibit an “intense focus” on “girl vagina”? I am writing about basic human rights and the madness that allows and encourages people to violate others. That violation occurs more than 1,000,000 times every year in America. It warrants more than an “intense focus”.

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