Ten Years

I started Rolling Doughnut ten years ago today. I haven’t posted with any regularity for a long while, but I’m still here. I continue paying the hosting fees because I’m proud of the work I’ve done. I transitioned from mostly fluff and attempts at humor to a commitment to significant issues. Rolling Doughnut has been an outlet to learn and grow in my writing and thinking.

It’s apparent to me how this site tracks with my life over the last decade. I won’t go through it since I post little directly personal information. But it’s fun to remember for me. Mostly, I’m amused that my first post was a generic “Is this thing on” post, and that Danielle left the first comment. At the time, we only knew each other online. Now we’re married. So, yay Internet!

Since no anniversary post would be complete without a retrospective, I’ll offer an incomplete list, a few posts that still make me proud. I wrote about the often misunderstood idea of selfishness within Ayn Rand’s work. I made a flowchart showing how lazy people mock lbertarians. I did Matthew Yglesias’ homework, since he preferred propaganda to journalism. And, of course, I wrote a bunch of posts on circumcision too numerous to keep an audience document in a short post. And, finally, there was the day I never imagined I’d see.

I’m glad I started Rolling Doughnut. I’m sure there’s more good stuff in the future.