Politicians suck

Browsing the newspaper this morning, I found an article that made me angry. It seems that Republicans in Congress wish to replace Franklin Roosevelt with Ronald Reagan on the U.S. dime. Why, I asked myself. That’s the dumbest idea since proposing a constitutional change to allow Arnold Schwarzenegger to run for president. Republicans have lost their minds.

Here are quotes from the article that makes me angry:

“Supporters of the ‘Ronald Reagan Dime Act’ said Roosevelt and his government-expanding New Deal represented decades past, while Reagan’s conservative, anti-communist administration ushered in society as it exists today.”


“‘It’s what precipitated me introducing the bill at that time and why it was a lot easier to get a lot of support,’ said Rep. Mark Souder, R-Ind.”


“‘I believe he represents conservative values as we would see them implemented through a president better than anybody else we’ve had in American history,’ Souder said. ‘He, to conservatives, represents kind of the reverse of FDR, who is kind of the liberal icon. Ronald Reagan is the conservative icon.'”

(Special note to voters in Mark Souder’s Indiana district: he must be voted out if he runs for re-election. He’s wasting our tax dollars with this and you have the power to stop it.)

Ronald Reagan is not a saint. He was president during a very prosperous time in United States history. Bill Clinton was president during a very prosperous time in United States history. Ronald Reagan had a scandal while in office. Bill Clinton had a scandal while in office. Where’s the push to idolize Clinton?

It’s time to start a petition to have Clinton’s face put on the $10 bill. Sure, Alexander Hamilton was instrumental in solidifying the financial foundation of the U.S., but that was during the age of agriculture. Clinton was president during the prosperous Dot-com 90’s. We missed our chance to change the money during the industrial age. Let’s not miss it for the information age!

Mark Souder… you, sir, are an idiot.

P.S. Earlier in this post, I meant to write “…quotes from the article that MAKES me angry…”. Get used to it, because that’s what your children’s grammar books will say once Arnold Schwarzenegger becomes president. I’m just practicing. So should you.

2 thoughts on “Politicians suck”

  1. I propose: Sonny Bono on the dollar, Arnold Schwarzenegger on the five, Clint Eastwood on the ten, Jesse Ventura on the twenty and Jerry Springer on the hundred. I realize his experience is in local government, but Cincy’s a pretty big city, so that makes it good enough for my petition. If that idiot wants Reagan on the dime, all our currency should look like Monopoly money. Why not?

  2. Being the Libertarian fuckface that I am, I can’t say that I hate RR as much as all of you. In fact, I kinda like him.
    But I am as opposed to changing the money as you. Why? Because changing the money would cost more money. Which is bad economics. So they should all just shut the fuck up and keep commie FDR!

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