Beware of catching Tono

Flu season is wreaking havoc across the U.S. This isn’t surprising since it’s the traditional flu season. What’s causing the most chaos is a shortage of flu shots. What entertains me the most is that health officials openly admit that the flu shot isn’t 100% effective. This quote explains it all:

“Even though health officials urge people to get their shots, it is still not clear how effective they will be against this strain, which is somewhat different from the three that this year’s vaccine is designed to combat.”

There are two obvious problems with the flu vaccine:

1. You’re getting 3 strains of flu. People get sick from this and it lingers. Would this be acceptable if we suddenly had an AIDS vaccine and people more than occassionally developed AIDS from the vaccine?

2. Companies that make the flu shot are guessing at which strains will be a problem. They’ve already admitted that they guessed wrong this year, so people who’ve had the shot are not immune to what is going around right now.

I was in Las Vegas last month and can confirm that Nevada has seen an outbreak. I caught the flu there. My friends caught the flu there. (From me, no doubt, but who’s counting?) It’s bad, but that’s why humans have an immune system. Don’t be afraid to use it.

One day, we’ll wake up to the idea that a healthy diet and exercise are the best protection against illness. Until then, we’ll continue to inject ourselves with random illnesses in the belief that it will protect us from all illness. This flu season should be an indicator. Don’t behave obediently to every word doctors say. We’re advanced, but we have more to learn. Don’t be a lemming. Think for yourself.

In summation, the flu shot doesn’t work. Duh.

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  1. Today, Don and Mike referred to Las Vegas as a “germitorium.” There isn’t a flu vaccine in the free world that can prevent the strains found in Las Vegas spread primarily by touching slot machine buttons and levers.

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