Deer are smarter than the citizens

Browsing the news yesterday, I came across an interesting story that made me think of an earlier post. A deer ran through a metro station in Maryland on Monday, using the escalator during its travels. Deer seem smart enough. I bet this one used the escalator correctly, unlike my fellow Washingtonians.

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3 thoughts on “Deer are smarter than the citizens”

  1. I saw footage of this story today while waiting in the hospital to have my arm x-rayed. The lone deer running aimlessly through the metro station looked so sad and pathetic. Not nearly as pathetic as the people trying to get off the escalator, I’d wager.

  2. Tony, I love this. I came into my love of baseball through my late father-in-law Clarence. He was very instramental in organizing baseball in the Cottleville-Harvester area of St. Charles County Missouri. He was a player. coach, manager grounds keeper etc, I had never followed any organized sports of any kind. But living in that family I became a fanatic. Clarence was honored many, many times for his contibutions in the baseball family of St. Louis. The St.Louis Amatuer Baseball Hall of Fame and the St. Charles County Baseball Hall of Fame. Ican’t say I have ever been idolized by a player. But I loved my father-in-law. Last week end was fun Uh? The picture I have of Clay and I is all I could hope for He and i have our arms around each other. I can die a happy death. NOT YET! Diana in St. Lou

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