Lucky Penny

A few weeks ago, I was in my hometown of Richmond, Va. I always get a large limeade from Bill’s Barbeque when I’m back. This time, I received a surprise in my change that surprised me.

Normally, I don’t pay attention to my change, but this time I looked. One of the pennies I received was minted in 1919. Figuring I’d hit the lottery, I checked online for an estimate of its value. To my disappointment and happiness, it’s worth about $19. While not the windfall I’d hoped, getting an extra $18.99 in my change is a little bonus for me.

I’d forgotten about the penny until I read this article from USA Today. The foul ball from Game 6 of this year’s CubsMarlins playoff series auctioned for $106,600. It was purchased by Harry Caray’s in Chicago, one of the best restaurants I’ve experienced, so that they can destroy it in February. The ball’s owner is the aspect of this that surprised me. It’s not ‘That Guy’, the one everyone is familiar with. This is the guy:

MastroNet auctioned the ball on behalf of a 33-year-old Chicago attorney identified only as Jim. According to the company, he was sitting near Bartman when the ball was deflected. The man put the ball in his pocket after it bounced his way.

That is a true lucky penny.

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