Trey Parker and Matt Stone were right

I’ve stated before that I’m a vegan, so the discovery of Mad Cow Disease in the U.S. doesn’t scare me. I don’t need to speak out about it or preach to you about your eating habits. Eat whatever makes you happy. All I ask is that you make an attempt to educate yourself, so that’s not the point of this post.

While searching the news this afternoon, I came across an insightful article about the government’s response to this crisis. More cows will be killed, more meat (probably already eaten) will be recalled, blah, blah, blah. It’s the same nonsense. But it’s only logical to assume that if there’s one infected cow, there are more that haven’t been discovered.

What disturbs me is this:

“Even though we know with a very good degree of certainty that there’s no direct disease spread animal-to-animal, simply being on the same farm there are some public perception issues related to those animals,” [Dr. Ron DeHaven, the Agriculture Department’s chief veterinarian] said.

Public perception issues? Rather than educate the public, it’s easier to slaughter animals? I’m not bitching about that from a vegan, “Please don’t kill the poor cows” mentality. The safety of humans should be the top priority.

I’m angry that this is how we’ve come to expect our government to treat us. We accept this. I’m not four, I can think for myself. Tell me the facts, the risks, and how to prevent the problem (yes, that should include vegetarianism/veganism). I can handle it.

Also, the spin has started. It’s not our fault. Let’s fix this problem, but we want the world to know that it’s someone else’s fault and we’re smarter than everyone. I give you this:

American officials have stressed that the diseased cow’s age and the date of the feed ban suggest the infection occurred in Canada. This idea, if proven, would underline the effectiveness of the ban and, what is more important, would allow U.S. authorities to place the root of the problem north of the border, in Canada.

Like I said in the beginning, Trey Parker and Matt Stone were right. Blame Canada.

4 thoughts on “Trey Parker and Matt Stone were right”

  1. 1. I thought the Trey and Matt connection was going to have something to do with the fact that they fed bacon to a pig. 2. You are too four. 3. I can’t believe in this whole post you didn’t use the word xenophobic.

  2. Well, if e coli and mad cow doesn’t convince people to go veggie, I don’t know what will. And yes, I’m stepping on my moral high horse, sue me 😀

  3. A documentary about cows traipsing through e coli infected feces fields made me go veg. Even though I’m sure I’m already infected with mad cow from my visit to London as a poor college student, the recent US outbreak has me ready to give up dairy completely. I didn’t even get a jamocha shake at Arby’s yesterday. That’s saying something.

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