Gossip, gossip, gossip!

Scanning The Washington Post, I read an article about Britney Spears getting married over the weekend. With regard to this, I don’t care.

The article itself angered me. Reilly Capps, which I have to assume is a fake name, wrote the article. What Reilly wrote is not journalism fit for a respected newspaper like The Washington Post. When I search for news from my newspaper, I don’t want this:

Other cynics pointed out that Spears’s career has struggled to find direction in the roughly two years since she split with Justin Timberlake, who now dates Cameron Diaz despite spending a half-dozen years as lead singer of a dorky boy band.

“…Justin Timberlake, who now dates Cameron Diaz despite spending a half-dozen years as lead singer of a dorky boy band”? What gives Reilly the authority to judge who is worthy of whose affection? What gives Reilly the authority to use the adjective “dorky” outside of a source’s quote? This isn’t the Weekly World News.

Now consider this:

Whatever the motive, the fact that Spears has got her first marriage under her belt and will soon have her first divorce/annulment can only help her career. As Madonna, J. Lo and (soon) Jessica Simpson will testify, you ain’t a diva till you’ve been divorced.

It’s good to know that Reilly Capps has insider knowledge about Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey’s marriage. I admit, I mocked them in an earlier post, but I was mocking the show and how they’re portrayed. I’m smart enough to know that the show is edited to tell a story, which may or may not be the true story if MTV showed the film footage in its original linear flow. Apparently a cheap joke is worth ignorance for Reilly.

It continues:

Britney has been semi-famous ever since she joined the Mickey Mouse Club and became a Mouseketeer. She met Timberlake on the show and they dated for years, but she swears they didn’t, you know, do it until about two years ago. Really.

It’s good to know that Reilly resorts to cheap humor to nail down the point that we’re all better than Britney. That’s definitely easier than actual thought. Good work.

I’m glad I read this article online; no tree had to die for me to read this fine piece of journalism.

4 thoughts on “Gossip, gossip, gossip!”

  1. The very sad thing is so many people take this sort of stuff as”gospel” truth. This type of crap doesn’t appeal to me at all.

  2. At least you don’t live in the NYC metro area, where sensationalistic journalism is a way of life. Any “newspaper” that uses “Splittney” as a headline deserves to have their membership revoked from any sort of professional journalism association.

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