Feed our beef to the Mexicans!

Following up on my Mad Cow disease post, the U.S. Agriculture Department announced that it will kill 450 calves in Washington state. One of these calves is an offspring of the cow confirmed to have the disease. I quote:

Officials decided to kill all month-old calves in the Sunnyside, Wash., herd because they cannot determine which one was born to the infected cow. While officials have said contaminated feed is the most likely source of infection, they cannot rule out transmission of the disease from mother to calf.

These facts are reassuring. Quality control is so good in the meat industry that they have to kill 450 calves to be certain that they kill the right calf. That’s how I want my food supply monitored.

On another note, I found an article about being a man, which means eating a burger. After reading it, I haven’t decided if I will scream or laugh. There are several annoying points and lame attempts at humor, but there are ideas that made me laugh at myself as a vegan. (I’m not going to recap most of it, but I do recommend that you read it. It’s worth the effort. And the link will open the article in a new window.)

I’ve never asked anyone if Pez is vegan because I’ve confirmed it for myself by reading the ingredients. I ask waiters about ingredients every time I go to a new restaraunt. I had planned to start claiming I had food allergies, but it’s my body and my money so I don’t need to lie.

Even though the writer is using humor, there are valid points in the following paragraph:

Tasty irony here. Cows are vegetarians who generally mind their own business, and never pick an argument over whether the guy they’re dating would store his meat in their refrigerator if they were married. They get sick when evil ranchers turn them into carnivores – and cannibals – by feeding them nasty remains of cattle and other livestock. It’s all very impolite.

This next statement from the article doesn’t apply to me (because I say so): “One of mad cow’s most horrifying symptoms is to make these people [vegetarians] even more self-righteous than usual.”

As much as I like to rant, I don’t want my posts to be about why you should go vegan since you can make that decision for yourself. It’s the stupidity of this situation that I despise. Thus, when Mark Rahner writes “This means we’re still at grave risk of the spread of obnoxious vegetarians. They can’t discreetly be euthanized, but other measures are being taken,” I’ll accept the humor because he’s trying to be funny rather than rude. Ha ha.

As I step down from my soapbox, I want to thank Mark Rahner since my thoughts were provoked by his article. But since I’m always right, Mr. Rahner, I will, in fact, tip my hat back. And I will do it jauntily. Always jauntily.

4 thoughts on “Feed our beef to the Mexicans!”

  1. Thats our Tony, Since I was conceived and born long before there was a ban on ANYTHING I have a very hard time figuring what my mother consumed that made me the stubborn,obnoxious,human being I am today.

  2. Love your soapbox! Keep up the rant!!
    I may have been visited by an angel with a message many years ago. I have not eaten red meat for 25 years.

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