March Madness

Citizens United is airing an ad that mocks John Kerry. I’ll allow Mr. Bossie to explain why this is necessary:

The vitriol that’s being used by the left in their hatred of the president – and the man himself – seems to come through in their ads,” Bossie said. “We wanted to counter that.”

“Seems” to come through? His best argument is that hatred seems to come through. Based on that, Citizens United raised the civility of campaign debate. Here is the text of the ad:

Massachusetts Senator John Kerry
Hairstyle by Christophe’s: $75
Designer shirts: $250
Forty-two foot luxury yacht: $1 million
Four lavish mansions and beachfront estate: Over $30 million
Another rich, liberal elitist from Massachusetts who claims he’s a man of the people: Priceless.

Rich and liberal and elitist. That’s spectacular. It’s amazing how this nation encourages people to acquire as much wealth as possible, then cuts them down when achieve it. And I’m amused that conservatives are using “rich” as a derogatory term.

Thanks Citizens United. I’m glad you’ve cleared up that John Kerry is rich, which makes him unfit to be president. Because George W. Bush is poor.

Not to be outdone in adding to the Political Hate Speech Drinking Game&trade, here’s an article from the In Politics column in The Washington Times, Conservative actor-director Vincent Gallo threw in his addition to the game. Interviewed by Steve Miller of The Washington Times, Mr. Gallo offered his discourse:

“I went to the Oscars this year and there were groups of actors showing up in these hybrid vehicles,” said Mr. Gallo, who also has released an album and scored several films. “I’m not going to name names. But not one of these clowns has been on a private plane less than 25 times. It’s one of those great radical cliches of good will that they have in Hollywood. It is a pathology. They want to feel good about something.”

“I’ve seen more pictures of [President Bill Clinton], you know, the autographed photos, with like these sleazy babes,” Mr. Gallo said. “I mean pictures of a former president with two of these babes hanging on him. Can you imagine going to someone’s home and seeing a picture of Nixon with two hookers?”

Clowns and hookers. I didn’t see those two coming, but I owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Gallo for these names.

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