Just like me, they long to be…

Listening to Don & Mike recently, I heard an interview with vocal coach Roger Love. Since I don’t sing well, I’m fascinated to listen to a vocal coach talk about how anyone can learn to sing. I’d like to believe that, even though I know I couldn’t be a professional. Unless, of course, John Stevens doesn’t win American Idol. Then I could be professional because I can sing better than the rest of those hacks.

I’m smart enough to know that part of Mr. Love’s claim is pure marketing. He’s selling a DVD called Love to Sing, after all. So after hearing the interview, I was curious to know more. Browsing his site, I found the description for his DVD:

Many of the most popular recording artists in the world have called upon Roger to learn his unique methods including Matchbox 20, Eminem, Mandy Moore, Papa Roach, and many more. There is a long waiting list for Rogers voice classes, and now you can learn Roger’s secrets to developing and strengthening your voice through private instruction right at home!

Whether you are an aspiring singer or just someone who wants to improve the quality of your voice, Love To Sing can show you how easy it is to sing like you’ve always wanted!

You’ll learn:
Breathing Secrets
Proper Vocal Technique

And how to:
Unleash your vocal power
Control your stage fright

Plus, tune up your voice with:
Vocal Exercises
Full practice songs

For male and female voices of any age!

Let vocal coach Roger Love take you from the shower to the stage!

Reading that info, I clicked the promo video. The DVD looks as cheesy as I expected. However, I was unprepared for the vocal prowess of the narrator. Only in America can a vocal lesson dvd be narrated by a man imitating Bob Dylan. You must listen to the promo video.

For only $19.99, I need this DVD. I suspect Roger Love is a talented teacher. There’s only one other person who can do that…and that’s William Hung.

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  1. Oh god, oh god, oh god. You are going to be SO SORRY if you buy this. You saw what happened when I got the portable karaoke microphone in my hot little hand. Smiling and laughing only encourages me, you know. And I don’t need encouraging, in the shower or anywhere else.

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