Breaking rocks in the hot sun

Sometimes, it’s possible to beat The Man. I’m sure everyone remembers my little tirade against my county government regarding their botch of my tax payment. They caved and fixed their mistake. Technically, the government accepted the appeal on my motorcycle, but not the appeal on my car. I convinced them that was stupid since I paid them as one payment.

I’m surprised, but pleased. I dealt with an injustice by challenging it and I succeeded. This is the type of situation that reminds me why I continue to challenge stupidity, even when it would be easier to acquiesce. It can be corrected. I shouldn’t have to fight the government to get it to do what it’s supposed to do, but this isn’t a perfect world. They didn’t admit their mistake, just pretended it didn’t happen.

The consolation is that, at least for today, the tally is: Tony 1, The Man 0. That’s a great score.

3 thoughts on “Breaking rocks in the hot sun”

  1. Come here Little Tony, Momma Diana will rub your little head. Now isn’t that better?

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