Mudflaps kick up dust

In an update to yesterday’s news that Rhea County, Tennessee wanted to ban homosexuals, the county commissioners met again today to rescind their motion. The new motion passed 8-0. The money quote comes from the County Attorney, Gary Fritts:

“They wanted to send a message to our (state) representative and senator that Rhea County supports the ban on same-sex marriage. Same-sex marriage is what it was all about,” Fritts said. “There has just been so much misunderstanding about this. It was to stop people from coming here and getting married and living in Rhea County.”

I’m assuming that the county commissioners aren’t stupid, so I can only believe that they knew that approving a motion seeking a way to prosecute homosexuals for “crimes against nature” isn’t the same as passing a motion supporting a ban on same-sex marriage. I’m sorry to tell you, Mr. Fritts, but there has been no misunderstanding.

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  1. Democracy, At its finest. LOL My Clay weekend is upon me. Sunday then Monday. I may never be the same again.

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