Better than The Price Is Right

I’ve been a bit absent from RollingDoughnut over the last week or so, all for good reason. I’ll have a little time over the rest of March to explain, but unfortunately, tonight is not the time. I’m preparing for Spring Training 2004, so I have little time to detail the happenings in my life. Not to leave you hanging while I’m gone over the next few days, I’d like to offer a highlight from my recent trip to Buffalo.

While visiting Niagara Falls, Danielle, Melissa, and I explored Clifton Hill. This is Canada’s response to Las Vegas. Las Vegas is tremendous, but it’s no Clifton Hill. In my four days in Vegas, I never found a great arcade to rival Great Canadian Midway. The best part of this entertainment extravaganza is this from the Great Canadian Midway website: “With over 250 games that give out tickets to win fabulous prizes.”

We enjoyed these games and won our tickets. 595 tickets, to be exact. Because the people of Canada are so quaint and nice, they let us walk out with 600-tickets-worth of fabulous prizes.

Included in this bounty was the skull candle holder I selected. This is a real beaut compared to the normal spider ring selection of fabulous prizes, so I couldn’t wait to get home and fire up the candles.

Yesterday, I undertook this adventure with much excitement bubbling below the surface of my 4-year-old mind. Fire! Fire! The candle was lit. Spooky!

Then I realized that there may be a flaw in the plan. Have a look at the reality of my fabulous prize. I still heart my fabulous prize.

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