Standing on greener grass

I like to pretend that I have a large cache of faithful readers. In reality, I appreciate both of you, so I’m going to offer a brief summary of what’s gone on lately in my life that has caused me to be away from blogging. There’s a lot more than I can reasonably explain on my lunch hour, so I promise to give more details when time permits. With that warning, here goes…

I didn’t blog much in mid-March because I resigned from my job. My last day was March 19th and I didn’t have time to spare as I concluded the tasks I’d been working on and transitioned my responsibilities leading up to that Friday.

As ready as I was to leave, I had to leave on good terms. I’d been with that company for nearly 6 years, ever since graduating from graduate school in ’98. I had a history and reputation that I didn’t want to tarnish. Besides, I didn’t leave the industry (software consulting) and my specialty is a small community in the federal government. It was inevitable that a few bridges would burn because I broke my “loyalty”, but I tried to be professional about it. I didn’t leave my employer, as much as I chased my new opportunity.

As of yesterday, I’m self-employed. This is a huge step for me because I’ve wanted to do this for many years. I’m no longer on the traditional company treadmill of chasing the ever-elusive carrot. Instead of ignoring my career goals and ambitions to please a boss, I determine which path I take. My only requirement is to deliver to my client(s).

There are, of course, greater challenges involved, such as job security and tax burdens, but the reward is worth the effort. Ignoring the monetary aspects, I’ve moved from beggar to builder. And that’s where I want to be.

I’ll reveal more as time permits, but it’ll be a few days/weeks before I get back into a regular pattern of blogging. I miss it, so I promise I haven’t disappeared. Thanks.

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  1. Hey that sounds fun! My mom started her be-your-own-boss thing about 5 years ago, and now she never wants to work under anyone again! lol

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