The Fonz watches American Idol

I watched the last night’s American Idol results show. This season has been awful, with none of the captivating competition of the second season. The only battles this year have been how mean Randy can be and which contestant will suck the least each week. The only true description for this season is simple to explain: it’s boring.

What I find most interesting is that so many of the contestants are young and people are shocked that the competition is so bad. Just because someone is 16-years-old does not guarantee that the person can’t stun everyone, but emotional depth comes with experience. I’m generalizing without meaning to disparage, but the proof is obvious in this season’s performances. American Idol has spiraled to the level of satisfaction I would derive from watching a beauty pageant filled with 7-year-olds competing in a swimsuit competition.

Yet, I’m a fan of John Stevens, JSIV to the cool kids. While I liked Amy Adams, of the 12 contestants, JSIV is the most interesting. He’s young, so his talent is raw. He doesn’t appear comfortable showing his personality. He’s a block of wood during the dance numbers. But his voice is unique among the current competition and the notion of pop music that it portrays. There is a hidden variety and JSIV fills that. He’s interesting.

Unfortunately, the judges didn’t explain it that way. Simon did say as much early in the competition, but he offered criticism for most of the 7 weeks that JSIV performed. Paula was typically wishy-washy on voicing her opinion, but at least she wasn’t cruel. Randy doesn’t warrant an explanation, since he seemed to enjoy being mean. However, to his credit, Simon was right; JSIV took the criticism like a man. While Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia Barrino spewed attitude every time someone disagreed with them, JSIV accepted the verdicts with class and dignity. No one could expect more.

With that in mind, I’m dismayed by all the hatred being directed at JSIV. I don’t understand the unceasing need to attack his talent and to openly mock him. Ok, I do understand it, but I don’t agree with it. As a redhead who sings with a different style, it’s not surprising that he’s mocked. It’s the hatred that dismays me.

With the harsh criticism this season, I was amused last night. JSIV was voted off, so I’d hoped the reaction would be a sense of relief from everyone. The only relief was on JSIV’s face. Everyone else was busy wailing like little babies who’ve just been poked in the eye. I could only laugh at the hypocritical nonsense. Perhaps the lemmings will enjoy what they’ve molded for themselves. For me, I had the striking joy of watching American Idol Jump the Shark.

In late May, someone please give me a heads-up on who wins, since I won’t be watching anymore this season. I might even care when someone tells me.

3 thoughts on “The Fonz watches American Idol”

  1. I’m actually trying to decide which would be less offensive to me…
    watching a stage mother blow dry a fake tan onto her four-year-old daughter’s skin
    watching the rest of American Idol this season.

  2. Yep… This is supposed to be the best top 12 of them all, (which is impossible without Clay, anyway) but it seems like every week, there is really only one good one, and it’s always a different person.

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