Looking out for the customer

Here at RollingDoughnut.com, I take great pride in being open 24 hours-a-day. It’s a great service I provide, because I’m nice that way. But it’s made possible by the Internet. The Internet rules.

Despite my generosity, I don’t follow the 24 hours-a-day policy. As much as I’d like to bill clients for 24 hours each day, they wouldn’t like it. Besides… it would be highly unprofessional to sleep at my desk. So, out of my sense of decency, I work 8 hours per day, Monday thru Friday, totaling the standard 40 hours per week.

Since it’s not a brilliant selling point, I leave my work hours out of my marketing literature. I don’t even post my hours anywhere. I have no storefront, no office building, no anything. I could post a sign in the grass, I guess, but that would be littering.

What’s the point of this? It’s ok, I know you’re asking yourself that very question right now. Allow me to continue.

As a busy person, like most people, I like the arrival of weekends, since I can relax a little. No early bedtime. No work preparation. No worries. It’s great to have a change of pace. The best part is, since it’s not a “school night”, some businesses keep different hours on Friday and Saturday than the rest of the week. Specifically, restaurants keep different hours. For the working man.

This past weekend, wanting to revel in sleeping late on Saturday, Danielle and I got a late dinner at Chicken Out. I was so overjoyed at their hours of operation, I took a picture of the door:

Brilliant! I can’t believe I didn’t think of it! On Friday and Saturday, let’s get a little crazy and close at 9 PM instead of 9:00 PM. As a service to all the night owls! Wowwee!

New policy in effect for my business, effective this week: Monday – Thursday, I go home at 5:30 PM, but on Fridays, I’m not outta here until Threeve O’Clock. You’re welcome.

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  1. Dinner, for the record, was absolutely SCRUMTRELESCENT. And I’m also WOUNDERING on what planet you think there will be any sleeping in on a Saturday. I’m just saying.

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