Truth in advertising

Since I still have Yahoo e-mail (while waiting to migrate to Gmail), I browsed the wonderful Yahoo site to get to my inbox. As I’m sure everyone knows, they put ads throughout their site for your surfing amusement. Or, it’s because they’re unscrupulous fucks who would swipe your credit card to steal $10 because they know you won’t go through the effort to sue them. Either explanation is possible but the root cause is the same. They believe their consumers are stupid.

Consider this wonderful ad found on Yahoo:

I've already told Yahoo that I won't spend any more money with them.  Don't bother trying to sell me your service.

how do am “rhetorical” meen, yAhoo? I’s whented too Colledge but i did’nt never lurn know werd like “r-h-e-t-o-r-i-c-a-l”. pleeze egsplane you meenin! butt i likes payeing mor, expeshully if it foor dial-up wit dat moedum thingy in mie conpootur. Hellp.

3 thoughts on “Truth in advertising”

  1. I had paid for the “larger” email account for a year, so it’s good to see they increased my account size to 2GB. But yeah, 1 GB *FREE* is nice indeed.

  2. WoW, Looks like Uncle GeeBob went to work for Yahoo! I wondered what happened to him.

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