Joe’s insurance claim can wait.

Is talking on a cell phone in a public bathroom a habit exclusive to men? Answering a ringing cell phone?

I’m serious. I don’t have any clue if women do this or not. I assume not, but I’d like to know. Men do this all the time, despite it being a vile habit that must cease.

To the men who do this (yes, I’m talking to you, That Guy&#153): you don’t mind transmitting the sound of me urinating, so perhaps I will come to your house and transmit the image of you sprawled on your couch with your hand stuffed in your underwear.

No? Fine, but stop being an asshole.

6 thoughts on “Joe’s insurance claim can wait.”

  1. Tony, Is this a personal incident? All most to much information. Oh Well Have a great weekend!

  2. You know those “Real Men of Genius” beer commercials? How about a “Real Men who’re Assholes” campaign. I can hear the Michael Bolton wannabe singing…
    “Mr. Talking on His Cell Phone in a Public Bathroom Guy…”
    Oh, and I forgot to mention. The commercials will plug one-ply toilet paper.

  3. Yes, Tony, women do it, too. But I thought it was just an Indy thing…..I hate those women!

  4. Women do it. I once yelled over the barrier, “What do you do when you fart, cover the mouthpiece?” and ran out. 🙂

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