My gay side is ok, mmmkay.

I’m not a big fan of America Online, but I use it for dial-up while I’m at work. It offers the easiest connection and a few *extras* (of which I never partake…), so I chose it to “be my company’s internet provider”. Translated, that means tax deduction.

Recently, I read an article in which the author mentioned that he uses AOL for the same thing. In parentheses, he mentioned that he used the UK version of AOL. I didn’t know this existed, but I had to have it. So I downloaded it.

This version is infinitely better than the American version. The voices are cooler, the software is easier, and the gossip is smarter. Point one was my pre-download reason for this software. Reason three is my post-download reason for keeping it. Instead of “my house done blowed up from ther tornada”, I get “more violence likely on Big Brother”. Somehow, that seems to be more intelligent. The writer is winking with me, knowing that this isn’t news and it’s ok to laugh at the ridiculousness of the story. The American version just wants me to feel superior, which is useless since I already feel that way. I don’t need reinforcement.

Now that I’m using the UK version, I’d like to add reason four to the mix. How else would I know that someone offered one million quid for Bros to reunite? (I voted “yes”.)

Sadly, it seems as though it will not happen for more than a little bit of touring, according to Matt Goss.

“I know for a fact we’ll never reform, that will never happen, never in a million years. I know that I’m not for that, Luke’s not up for it and I know Craig isn’t.”

“But one thing I would be up for is doing a one-off summer gig and having a good old sing song.”

Please, please, please let that happen. That would rule! “I Owe You Nothing”, “When Will I Be Famous”, “Life’s A Heartbeat”, and “Chocolate Box” are etched in my brain forever. At a reunion tour, I’ll be the little 12-year-old girl in the front row, singing along ever so sweetly with every word. I might even get braces again just to complete the look. I have enough British Airways Executive Club miles for a free flight, so I can pretend I’m using my allowance money for the trip. Seriously, say the word.

Thank you, AOL UK.

P.S. Did I mention that I’m going to see Hanson in two weeks?

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  1. Ah, yes, your affinity for Bros 🙂 AOL is also quite popular in South America, too, fyi.

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