When good shoes go bad

After the entry I wrote on Monday about Jessica Simpson’s hideous version of “Angels”, I assumed that I’d be safe from more horror for at least a few weeks. Not so. I read this article and nearly cried. Celebrities get a ton of free stuff because kids tend to buy the same brands that celebrities enjoy. If Converse applies this theory and sends a pair of “Peace Chucks” to Jessica Simpson, we’re screwed. Written on the toes of the shoes are the words “Imagine All The People Living Life In Peace”.

I speak on behalf of the world when I beg of Converse, please don’t send her a pair. She can’t be trusted to respect the lyrics. I’m telling you in advance, she just can’t. Please.

3 thoughts on “When good shoes go bad”

  1. It makes me sick to see John Lennon’s and Jessica Simpso”n in the same sentence. I’m sad.

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