Because Golden Retrievers aren’t delicate

Tomorrow I have a team lunch with my fellow computer-programming nerds. This is typically an anticipated joy for most working stiffs, but not me. I hate them. First, I’m asocial. I scrub-up well, but that doesn’t mean I want to hang around with people. I’m a solitary creature more often than not, so team lunches mean the nightmare that is the group outing.

That would be survivable except for problem number two. I’m always singled out as the difficult person because I’m a vegan. Ignore that I understand how distinct my dietary habits make me and that I adapt to each new menu. I accept that I’ll have the pasta or the pasta at most restaurants, but that doesn’t prevent others from placing upon me the challenge of finding a lunch spot for the group. I would enjoy that if my choice of Indian didn’t get nixed immediately every time. Picking without being able to pick is stupid but that’s what happens. Since I have a team lunch tomorrow, it happened again.

“I” ended up choosing a mexican restaurant since I can get veggie fajitas. Except I can’t. The menu doesn’t list veggie fajitas as an option. It seems that uppity, chic restaurants believe that the hip urbanite likes to shove dead animals down his throat, but only when it’s covered with cheese. Vegans are those disgusting leeches on society who want to save all the trees and hate capitalism. So I’ll adapt.

However… I have to worry about a restaurant that includes chihuahua cheese on its menu. I don’t know what chihuahua cheese is, but I can’t imagine anyone wanting it. To understand, I had to look it up. According to the Food Network, chihuahua cheese is “see asadero“. What? If it’s called asadero, why not put asadero on the menu instead of chihuahua cheese? Since that didn’t answer my question, I clicked over to asadero.

Definition: [ah-sah-DEH-roh] A white cow’s-milk cheese of Mexican origin that’s available in braids, balls or rounds. Asadero, which means “roaster” or “broiler,” has good melting properties and becomes softly stringy when heated–very similar to an unaged monterey jack cheese. Other names for this cheese are Chihuahua and Oaxaca. See also cheese.

Note to all chefs: say what you mean and mean what you say. Why do you have so many names for the same cheese? A rose by any other name…

That doesn’t help me decide what I’m going to have for lunch on Friday, but it does raise another thought. Recently, Paris Hilton’s chihuahua was missing for a week. Which poor chef had the task of milking Tinkerbell?

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  1. Here I thought you were going to talk about retreivers. Tony, Your mind is a “terrible thing to waste” Diana

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