My ox is broken

CBS thinks we’re all stupid. The Amazing Race 5 ends next Tuesday, September 21st. To my surprised delight, I’d recently discovered that The Amazing Race 6 was scheduled to start next Saturday, September 25th. Unbeknownst to me, in the time since that went to press in fall TV preview issues of magazines, the start date had been moved to Oct. 2nd. That’s only a week, so I could survive that. Unfortunately, CBS decided that we viewers can’t adjust to seasons ending and beginning so close together. The Amazing Race 6 will now start in “late October or early November”.

“We’ve seen (evidence) that it really helps to put a little space between one version and the next,” [CBS senior exec VP Kelly Kahl] said. “We want to let the audience breathe a little before we bring the show back.”

Why does CBS hate The Amazing Race? It won an Emmy last year for best reality series and the fans had to fight to convince CBS to film another season. It’s up for another emmy this year. It’s the highest-rated original series on television right now. It’s a home run. But CBS doesn’t get it. I don’t need a breather. I need a 24-hour The Amazing Race channel. Seriously, people, competitive travel. Need I say more?

The biggest potential disaster from this is obvious. If Colin and Christie win, I will be a bitter, bitter man for the next 6+ weeks. Bitter, I say!

3 thoughts on “My ox is broken”

  1. I thought the premise of this show was that the contestants had to prove themselves by winning different obstacles.Is this not right? How can you cheat?

  2. Im hoping that Chip and Kim win and not Colin “the bad-mouthed guy”. Colin’s lucky to have a pretty girlfriend.

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