I’m not the Hormone Qwik-E-Mart

More interesting individuals have discovered RollingDoughnut.com through “curious” Google searches. Who knew that Google returns RollingDoughnut.com as a hit for “I need testosterone”. I don’t know why that is because I can’t recall writing about testosterone, but I apparently did. Since it might be relevant, I’ll take a moment to research the archives.

Here you go… The title of the entry is You’ll need testosterone to understand. In its entirety, the text is simple:

Spending $200 for shoes is absurd, but $200 for a phone is a bargain.

I love gadgets, both electronic and low-tech. Because I’m a man and men have testosterone. And testosterone makes men undertake Butch&#153 tasks like football and demolition derby and anything involving power tools and destruction. I’ve gleefully participated in all of those activities at some point. We won’t even discuss the pointy, metal ninja star I made in shop class in middle school. What the hell was I thinking? Where would I use that? But I needed it. NEEDED it.

With all of that, it’s safe to assume that I have testosterone. But to all you who show up here at RollingDoughnut.com through Google searches for “I need testosterone”, know this: I own Joe McIntyre cds, I’ve seen every episode of Queer As Folk, and I’ve been to a Miss America pageant. I need all the testosterone I have. Go visit someone who might have some to spare.

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