The Gods were happy, so no lightning

With such a spectacular comeback win by the Hokies last night, I must comment on the smarter kids at Georgia Tech. Consider this quote from a student when referring to the atmosphere of Big Time College Sports&#153 on the Georgia Tech campus:

“It validates that we’re not just nerds,” Kwon said. “Not only are our degrees much better than yours, but we can whip you on the field, too.”

That validates it in the same way the smahrt kids probably feel about the Hahrvahrd Lacrosse team. But there is something that makes me not quite ready to put my two Virginia Tech diplomas on the spinning roll attached to the bathroom wall. Consider:

“Here it is in all its glory — game day at Georgia Tech,” said fifth-year student Johnny Kwon, looking out over the lawn in front of the architecture building. “We sit here, drink beer and watch all the nerds walk by that aren’t going to the game.”

Even with my lesser diploma, I know that people, even nerds, are referred to as “who”, while inanimate objects are referred to as “that”. The right statement is “We sit here, drink beer and watch all the nerds walk by who aren’t going to the game. They’re carrying their X-ray glasses that run on batteries and atomic energy.”

Oh, and our quarterback doesn’t accidentally step out of the back of the end zone for a safety.

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