Paint your yellow spot?

What is the Oral-B&#174 Rembrandt&#174 Whitening Pen? I saw this advertised in a magazine and felt compelled to look it up online. On that front, consider it a marketing success. On the logic scale, consider it a miserable failure. Why would anyone paint their teeth to make them white?

I brush my teeth every day. Wouldn’t it make more sense to brush with a whitening toothpaste? Somehow it seems easier for me to combine both into one simple activity than to require two steps to achieve the same result. Whitening toothpaste is like the genius of including a gun in the barrel of a walking stick. Sure I’d primarily use the cane for extra stability, but if I’m ever attacked by a monkey, I’d be prepared to whip some ass.

I digress… Browsing the website, I did ask myself what are the advantages of the Oral-B&#174 Rembrandt&#174 Whitening Pen? Here are the Oral-B&#174 marketing points:

Product Features:
+ Whitens while you sleep
+ All-in-one gel and applicator
+ Wide, sponge tip for quick application to all teeth
+ Quick-dry formula with no messy dripping
+ Enamel-safe
+ Fresh mint taste

I’m sold, but at $12.99, I have to look for another alternative. I’m going with the $4.98 pack of 2 Bic&#174 Wite-Out&#174 Exact Liner Correction Film/Pens. Now, if Bic&#174 would just put it out in bubblegum flavor, my teeth will be whiter than any fence Tom Sawyer could paint.