And you think I’m crazy…

I’ve mentioned in the past that I love maintaining because of the strange Google searches I receive. This afternoon, I checked my stats and found this: fucked up afghanistan pig in shit.

Serioulsy, people who use the internets are weird. What possesses someone to search for that? I realize that it hit me because I wrote something about Afghanistan in March, but who searches for that specifically? Who, I ask you?

But for anyone who may think I can’t offer practical advice, one lucky visitor found me by searching for ways of entertaining a 12 year old. Since I’m really a 12-year-old girl at heart, I suggest this for the cd player. They’ll be entertained for days upon weeks. I know. It’s working on me.

4 thoughts on “And you think I’m crazy…”

  1. Tony, You are not well. But this I already knew. Keep on keepin’ on. I love to read your stuff. It makes me feel so much better about my own mental health.

  2. I got googled for this…
    “clipper shave bald balls shaved naked dave clipper”
    I’m sure the search results sent the person to the entry about the little hair mishap we had this summer.
    I bet the person was disappointed upon discovering that I gave you a haircut…
    …on your head.

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