How did he know I’m wearing sunglasses?

It’s time to lighten the mood a little, so I offer this. Someone googled for “falling while skiing“. To that random person… you’ve made Ha-Ha(&#153 Melissa Danielle) at my expense. Are you happy with yourself? Good for you. And how did you know that Danielle and I are going skiing next weekend? Are you psychic? Either way, I don’t like that person knowing so much about how my little foray down the bunny trail is going to go next Saturday.

However they know, to that I have a simple statement. They can go frig themself.

One thought on “How did he know I’m wearing sunglasses?”

  1. I was too busy claiming my TM to notice the last line of this post! Hahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
    And if you think I’m going to let you on that bunny hill, you must be out of your adorable mind!

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