The world is a little brighter

I’ve been trying to write about yesterday’s election in Iraq, but have had difficulty figuring out exactly how to say what I really want to say. There are a lot of positives being thrown about, all justifiable. There have also been negatives, whether discussing the reality of democracy by referring to the election as the “election” or by not discussing it at all. I can only conclude that sheer partisanship or blind hatred are the cause of these negatives. There are many political nuances and issues, both positive and negative, surrounding how Iraq got to free elections, but those are not the debate for today. Regardless of what anyone may want to believe about yesterday’s events, President Bush succeeded. American troops succeeded. And most importantly, Iraqis succeeded.

Rather than babble on any further, I offer these thoughts expressed in an entry by Jeff Jarvis. He wrote:

The American right and left are analyzing the Iraq vote on the wrong basis: It’s not about George Bush, pro or con. It’s not about America, pro or con. It’s not even about the war, pro or con. It’s about the Iraqi people and democracy and their future, for which there is only a pro, not a con.

Anyone who doesn’t understand that can’t or won’t understand democracy.

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