“It is error only, and not truth, that shrinks from inquiry.”

The title quote, which I like, is from Thomas Paine. Yet, today seems like the day to mention two recent quotes, as well. Both were given in response to Justice O’Connor’s announced intention to retire. Consider:

“This is another opportunity for President Bush to appoint a conservative jurist to the federal judiciary who will interpret and apply the Constitution properly instead of legislating from the bench and relying on international opinion and public polls.” – Republican South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster.

“As a senior member of the Judiciary Committee, I’ll be looking forward to hearing from a nominee who understands that the role of the courts is to interpret the law, not create the law.” – Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa

Remember, to put those in context, it’s never been about “activist judges”. It’s been about judges who won’t allow the (Republican) president or the (Republican) Congress to govern unchecked. Perhaps Sen. Grassley should introduce a bill to prevent Judge Roberts from becoming activist in the likely event that “Judge” is replaced by “Justice”.

(Link originally found at Wonkette)