Using a machete to slice a cupcake

I found this interesting headline on Drudge today. Behold:

Wow. That seems scary. I live in the D.C. area and ride the Metro, so I need to know more. I clicked the link, only to discover a most interesting opening line. Consider:

Subway riders may face random police checks of their bags under a security measure being considered in the nation’s capital, the latest city to look for ways to deter terrorism on rail systems.

Mr. Drudge may consider himself a reporter, but I prefer my journalism to be unbiased factual, thanks. My world will continue, though, because I already knew that he’s a hack.

3 thoughts on “Using a machete to slice a cupcake”

  1. I don’t search for articles to disagree with, even when searching a site like Drudge. With those, I just know I’ll find that. It is more fun to disagree, though.

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