I bet he wrote it on a TPS report

Coinciding perfectly with my move into a new house, which requires a different route to work, the train system begins it’s once-every-decade track upgrades. Perfect. Primarily, this has meant that the train proceeds slower than normal, without actual stops between stations. It’s a little frustrating, but I always have a book or a movie, so the annoyance factor is low.

Wednesday, this was not the case. The train stopped once for a signal problem. The delay lasted nearly 30 minutes. But I semi-expect that right now because of the track work. We stopped again a few minutes after the train journeyed past the signal delay. The conductor announced this:

Please do not laugh when I tell you this, but we’re being stopped for a mandatory Federal Railroad Administration efficiency test.

The efficiency test delayed us an additional 20 minutes. Thank you, Uncle Sam.

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