I won’t even discuss “Break the cable! Break the cable!”

Reading through my Virginia Tech news feed tonight, I realized that classes started Monday. Normally, this wouldn’t factor into my world anymore because I graduated more than seven years ago, except that memory sparked another memory. So I’ll share it here.

After my freshman year, the annual influx of freshmen always entertained. It was the common belief as we all aged, the new students looked younger and younger. I swear that toddlers attended VT by the end of my graduate career.

But we had no sympathy for the kids. We’d ride the Blacksburg Transit (the free bus system) just to mess with them. They were always the impatient chatterboxes intent on pestering the driver with their constant giddiness about where all the parties were. They’d only been in town for six or seven days, so they knew nothing. As knowledgeable Blacksburg inhabitants, we always told them when to get off the bus. We didn’t tell them the correct bus stop, but they couldn’t expect everything, could they?