Joe Isuzu will present my award

I’m honored to learn that today, June 2nd, Kripsy Kreme is sponsoring Rolling Doughnut Day 2006! It’s amazing to think that a major company like Krispy Kreme would notice the work I’ve been doing here. This wonderful accolade shows the company’s ability to recognize genius. I’m truly flattered. Since I’m so awesome, instead of the cash prize they offered, I’ve asked the company to give a free doughnut to each of my readers today. So, if you go into a Krispy Kreme store today, they’ll give you a free doughnut&#185. Just tell them the I&#178 sent you.

&#185 Krispy Kreme really will give you a free doughnut today.
&#178 Kip from A Stitch in Haste sent me the information. I’d love to claim the accolades I made up, but Kip actually deserves them. If you’re not reading his blog, you’re missing out on the best best blog around. Thanks, Kip.

3 thoughts on “Joe Isuzu will present my award”

  1. HEY! So just because Kip writes about actual TOPICS instead of American Idol updates and TAR recaps, and thinks of you on Doughnut Day, that means I have to play second fiddle? Hmph.
    *glares menacingly in Kip’s direction*

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