Maybe we’re really Second World

Here’s a news item making waves today:

In its latest report, the WHO said that women who had female genital mutilation were 70 percent more likely to have potentially fatal hemorrhage after childbirth than those who did not undertake this procedure. “We have, for the first time, evidence that deliveries among women who have been subject to female genital mutilation are significantly more likely to be complicated and dangerous,” said Joy Phumaphi, WHO assistant director-general for family.

It’s a sad commentary on the target audience when the WHO has to demonstrate evidence that female genital mutilation is harmful to make its point that it should be stopped. Relying on the obvious logic against the practice as a human rights violation should be enough. Of course, if modern societies can’t comprehend that this next statement should be universal rather than gender-specific, consider me lacking in surprise.

“By medicalising it, we will be endorsing this practice, this violation of a child’s body and a basic human right of an individual and I think that’s the worst thing we can possibly do,” Joy Phumaphi argued. “It is even worse than turning a blind eye, because you are legitimizing violation of a basic human right and violence against an innocent victim.”

Some in modern society will find that the truth can be scary when finally confronted.