More than what you need is too much

Do I need to read beyond this drivel from yesterday’s Washington Post?

Wages are rising more than twice as fast for highly paid workers in the Washington area as they are for low-paid workers, an analysis of federal data by The Washington Post shows.

That means the spoils of the region’s economic expansion are going disproportionately to workers who are already well-paid, widening a gap between rich and poor in a place where it is already wider than in most of the country.

Businesspeople cite shifts in the world economy that give educated workers leverage to negotiate for higher wages but make low-paid workers replaceable — a disparity that is especially pronounced in a service economy like Washington’s.

Spoils. Disproportionately. Already well-paid. Capitalism sure is evil, what with the rewards that go to people who make themselves economically attractive to the marketplace. It’s not fair. There should be a law against that.

I won’t be reading beyond those opening paragraphs.

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