Save our souls (and state monopolies)

Congress: Boo yourself!:

The House passed legislation Tuesday that would prevent gamblers from using credit cards to bet online and could block access to gambling Web sites.

The legislation would clarify and update current law to spell out that most gambling is illegal online. But there would be exceptions — for state-run lotteries and horse racing — and passage isn’t a safe bet in the Senate, where Republican leaders have not considered the measure a high priority.

The House voted 317-93 for the bill, which would allow authorities to work with Internet providers to block access to gambling Web sites.

Work with is a euphemism for force. Anyone still want to claim that Republicans and Democrats are for economic freedom, and liberty in general? I don’t. Paternalism marches on.

I don’t have any more to say on this bill specifically, but I want to savor the stupidity of this quote:

“Never before has it been so easy to lose so much money so quickly at such a young age,” [Jim Leach, R-Iowa] said.

When will Congress act to outlaw citizens from using credit cards to finance a new business? As a business owner, I could lose everything I own. Won’t you protect me?


2 thoughts on “Save our souls (and state monopolies)”

  1. What is frustrating is that this legislation will do NOTHING except increase administrative costs for credit card companies, who will have to prove that they didn’t pay out gambling winnings. It is laughably easy to get a Credit card from another coutry and I imagine that the very same gambling companies that Congress is trying to squeeze will provide the service for these “degenerate” gamblers.

  2. People always find ways around prohibition, which is a lesson that should be clear. Not when there’s a base to appease, I guess. I’m glad that’s how valuable our Constitution is to our “leaders”.

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