Am I a senior now?

Today is Rolling Doughnut’s 3rd birthday. A lot has changed over the last year. While not prolific by some standards, I wrote more than 450 entries over the last year. That easily doubled my output for the first two years combined. I’m proud of that total, even though sheer numbers aren’t the best evaluation method. Still, each word has taught me. I feel like I’m finally getting a grasp on this hobby.

I’ve expanded my range of subjects, probably to the annoyance of some. I appreciate the readership I have, even when this home feels more like a battlezone for my frustration. I’m working on being more productive, whether it’s simply understanding why some stories make me angry or offering solutions where ranting might’ve sufficed in the past. I don’t write for the gratification of stats, but knowing that people are out there reading keeps me thinking of how I’m communicating. Just by your presence, I’m a better writer than I would be alone. Perhaps I’m a better thinker, too.

Enough rambling. Thanks again for sticking around and reading. I expect year four to be the best yet for my little outpost on the Internets. I hope you’ll agree.

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