The government doesn’t stimulate competition.

Today’s Congressional hearings into the proposed Sirius-XM Merger will go well:

He can expect resistance. “What I’m concerned about now is whether we’re creating a monopolistic situation,” Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.), who will chair the task force hearing, said in an interview yesterday. “I don’t think it will stimulate competition, and it could very well take away from the competition taking place now in the industry.”

With FCC hearings yet to be scheduled, the new Democratic-controlled Congress will get the first public whack at the debate. Conyers, a champion of liberal causes and a 42-year House veteran, called it “a great discussion, because it gets into the whole question of where the consumer comes in when these mergers take place. And too often recently, they’ve been taking place with too little concern for the people who are paying the freight.”

Of course. Business is all about screwing the little guy. Companies have unfettered control over customers. You and I are just pawns in the global game played by the few capitalist elites. Evidence to the contrary doesn’t matter. Because a situation might arise in which politicians customers could deem themselves harmed, we must prevent that slight chance from occurring. Guilty with no chance of proving innocence.

Such a champion of liberal causes is exactly the target audience for the guy I saw today wearing a “Say ‘No’ to a satellite radio monopoly” button. Simple enough to ignore facts.