The only drawback is now we’ll have to play them.

Stay classy, Morgantown. Stay classy:

“Everyone [in the media] was counting Pitt out,” West Virginia fullback Owen Schmitt said. “That stuff gets to a team.”

Pitt already had all the motivation it needed, then got a little more on the way into the stadium. Coach Dave Wannstedt, freshly rewarded with a three-year contract extension, said the Panthers’ team bus was hit with a rock on the way to the stadium. LeSean McCoy, Wannstedt said, stood up and said, “Hey, it’s just like the movies.”

Now that number 1 and number 2 in the BCS lost, with numbers 3, 4, and 5 idle, I am praying that the vote shakes out with Virginia Tech sitting behind only Ohio State. That would put us in the BCS National Championship game.

It won’t happen, of course. Voters are going to reward LSU. (Yes, they beat us in week 2. We were a different team then.) We may or may not jump Georgia and Kansas, despite winning our conference. Neither Georgia nor Kansas accomplished that. And we lost to the team ranked second in the nation in each of our losses. The second loss was on a spectacular fluke play made by a Heisman trophy candidate with 11 seconds left in the game. There’s a case to be made!

I’ll be dreaming until the depressing news hits at about 8:03 tonight.