“Voluntary” and “adult” always get tossed aside.


The UNAIDS country programme coordinator, Dr K├ękoura Kourouma, has advised Rwandans to start circumcision with children at a tender age as one of the measures to protect them from acquiring with HIV/Aids.

“If the government plans to implement circumcision, it would be easier and cheaper when it targets children. This would enable the programme to achieve its targeted objectives”

UNAIDS will sell the rights of children for pennies. Imagine how many condoms and educational pamphlets we could buy in 2022 if governments would instead invest the money spent on circumcising today’s infant males.

He further said that the demand for male circumcision as a method of combating HIV/Aids is likely to increase dramatically due to the prevailing results from two studies, in Kenya and Uganda.

Of course, even though those two studies looked at the affect of voluntary, adult circumcision, not forced infant circumcision. Demand increases now because UNAIDS promotes fear and snake oil solution. Demand increases in the future because today’s circumcised infants embrace the West’s cognitive dissonance. This has been the only plan since the beginning. And the United States willingly extorts those foreskins in cooperation.